Framework for Services Directive

The predominate part of the service sector and the trade sector can profit from the EA-Saar’s activity, which include gastronomy, handcraft, IT-services, research and development, company services and technical services, consulting and construction. The Point of Single Contact can not help out in every sector, according to the Services Directive and the legislative body of the Saarland. Some examples of the included sectors are:
  • Lawyers, tax consultants, architects, engineers, accountants and land surveyors
  • Services for companies (i.e. office maintenance, management counsel, event planning, advertising and recruitment agencies)
  • Trade (inclusively the retail and wholesale industry of barter and services)
  • Services of the tourism and recreation sector (e.g. travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, catering services, sports centres and amusement parks)
  • Services in the building industry, handcraft, installation and maintenance of equipments
  • Information services (e.g. web design and coding, news agencies, publishing industries and computer programming)
  • Services in the education sector
  • Renting and Leasing services of cars and real estate
  • Certifying and inspection services
  • Home care (e.g. Cleaning, private babysitting or garden care)
This goes for both services created for companies and for the consumers.