Unions and Organizations

There are numerous advice services for service providers in the Saarland. Here you can find a list of contacts for organizations and unions that can offer you practical advice:


Chamber for architects of the Saarland

Chamber for engineers of the Saarland

Chamber of handcraft of the Saarland

Chamber of commerce and industry of the Saarland

Bar association of the Saarland

Chamber for tax advisors of the Saarland

Chamber for public auditors, Public employment service Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, and Thuringia

Chamber for veterinaries of the Saarland


Retail industry:
National association for the retail and services industry in the Saarland e.V.

The trade associations that fall under the national association for the retail and services industry:
  • Grocery trade association Saar e.V.
  • Tobacco trade association Saar e.V.
  • Textile trade association
  • Shoe trade association
  • Leather trade association
  • Flooring, carpet, and wall paper trade association
  • Jewelry and watches trade association
  • Furniture trade association Saar e.V.
  • Metal goods trade association Saar e.V.
  • Technical trade association
  • Office supplies trade association Saar e.V.
  • Bookstores trade association Saar e.V.
  • Motorcycle, bicycle, and sowing machines trade association
  • Trade association of merchants’ Southwest e.V.

Corporate Finance

Banking association of the Saarland e.V.

Vocational training unit of the German insurance industry (BWV) e.V.

German association of the board of insurance leaders e.V.

German association for insurance salesmen e.V. , district Saarbrucken

Association of insurance leaders e.V. , meeting place Saarbrucken

Association of insurance scholars e.V.

Association of insurance sciences in the Saarland e.V. – BWV Regional

Tourism, hotel and restaurant management:

Dehoga hotel and restaurant association of the Saarland e.V.

Tourism centre of the Saarland Gmbh

Wholesale and retail sale, sales agent:

Association of wholesale and retail sale of the Saarland e.V.

Trade association for the trade agency and distribution of the Saarland (CDH)  e.V.

Real estate industry:

German real estate association IVD association of the real estate agents

Circle of German real estate agents – RDM union of the real estate occupations and caretakers of the Saarland e.V.


Association of the coalition of enterprises of the Saarland e.V. (VSU)

Association of the chemical industry e.V. national association of the Saarland

Association of the wood and plastic fabrication industry and sister organizations e.V.

Association of the saw and wood industry of the Saarland e.V.

Association of wood and plastic Saar e.V.

Association of metal and electro industry of the Saarland e. V.

Association of the nutrition industry of the Saarland

Association of businesses of the Saarland e.V. (UV Saar)

German vehicle industry of the Saarland

Association of the construction materials of the Saarland

German union for architects BDA in the Saarland e.V.